The Swedish Brewers Association (Sveriges Bryggerier) is a confederation of enterprises in the Swedish brewing industry. Our member companies produce beer, cider, bottled water, soft drinks and beverages. We work to support our members and promote their interests in matters affecting the industry, such as competition, taxes and regulation. We are also working with issues of responsibility, environmental issues, and the coordination of deposit and recycling systems. And last but not least, we aim to promote gastronomy, beer culture, and the joy of refreshing beverages.

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National Beer Day 2016 – Behind every great beer, there is a proud brewmaster

Meet Nicholas Rabbidge, Head Brewer, Coppersmith´s Brewery



There’s a beer for every dish

Pairing food and beer is easy, easier than pairing food and wine. In general, salty and sour foods match poorly with wine while beer accompaniments them well. But there is a beer for every dish!

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Cider – the Swedish way

In its most basic form, cider is a beverage made from the fermented juice of apples. Traditional Swedish cider is very sweet, and often berry or fruit flavored. The Swedish variety is highly sought after all over the world – especially in tradition-rich cider markets such as the UK and Australia – and the exported volume is now eight times the domestic sales. Did you know that the highest selling pear cider in the world is made in Sweden?

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The delight of sweet beverages

Sweet beverages have been appreciated all over the world and throughout history. In Sweden, interest in soft drinks has risen as more brands have become available. Today, soft drinks can be carbonated or non-carbonated, with or without calories. New flavors are added every year, some remain and some are modified. Soft drinks generally taste best when they are enjoyed cold.

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Just plain water?

Bottled water can be still or carbonated, with our without flavor, and may or may not be characterized by minerals from a certain spring. While Sweden has the luxury of having a high quality tap water that is generally pure and safe to drink, bottled water has become more and more popular in recent years. Mineral water also has a strong tradition in Sweden, though; in the 18th century, spring waters were believed to have healing powers, and people gathered at health spas by the mineral wells to “drink the waters”.

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