Board of Directors

The Swedish Brewers Association’s Board of Directors consists of CEOs  of the most influential member companies.

Chairman of the Board

Mikael Hellberg, independent chairman


Peter Bronsman – CEO of Kopparbergs AB

Fredrik Spendrup – CEO of Spendrups

Henrik Dunge – CEO of AB Åbro Bryggeri

Pierre Decroix- vd, Coca-Cola Enterprises Sverige

Ted Akiskalos vd, Carlsberg Sverige

Carl Krönlein – CEO of Krönleins

Mikael Dugge Engström - vd Dugges Ale- & Porterbryggeri

Mikael Dugge Engström – CEO of Dugges Ale- & Porterbryggeri

Chief Executive Officer

Cecilia Giertta – CEO of The Swedish Brewers Association (Sveriges Bryggerier)


Håkan Sten, SETH Mazars, Authorized auditor

Photographer: Johan Bergmark