A century-old unbroken force of progress

The Swedish Brewers Association (Sveriges Bryggerier) was founded by brewers in 1885, making it the oldest trade organization in Sweden in continous operation. In 1950, the National Association of Bottled Water Producers (Vattenfabrikanternas Riksförbund) merged with the Swedish Brewers Association; soft drink and bottled water producers became members alongside the brewers.

In December 2006, the association changed its name from Bryggareföreningen to Sveriges Bryggerier.

When brewers came together to found the association in 1885, it was for three purposes:

  • To adopt a common standard of bottles and crates and introduce a deposit system
  • To raise a new voice in the alcohol and temperance debate
  • To promote reasonable taxes on beer

More than a century has passed, but the brewing industry still has similar issues at hand – and is still working to maintain a constructive dialogue with other parties, while protecting the industry’s interests.