National Beer Day

A day to celebrate the beer culture in Sweden

SV_BRYGG_LOGO_olets_dag_DARKIn 2012, the Swedish Brewers Association (Sveriges Bryggerier) declared a day dedicated to beer and Swedish beer culture. The National Beer Day is a yearly event, and is always celebrated on the third Wednesday of July. National Beer Day 2018 occurs on the 18th of July.

On Beer Day, we acknowledge the skill of the brewmasters, articulate our passion for the beverage, and recognize the artisanal aspects of the trade. Many breweries are open to the public, and tours, tastings and other events are arranged. The events are usually very popular and well-attended; many appreciate the chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process. Some breweries take the opportunity to showcase brand new brews.

Beer occupies a central role in Swedish food and drinking culture. The Swedish beer culture is strong, diverse and developing; today, more than 240 breweries are operating commercially in Sweden, a number that has exploded in recent decades.

The brewing industry is resting on tradition. While there were even more active breweries in the 19th century than today, the Swedish beer culture of today is nation-wide, all-embracing and accessible – a melting pot of tradition and creativity created by local breweries across the country – and the range of high-quality brews on the market is likely wider than ever. The reasons for this are twofold: skillful, innovative brewers, and knowledgeable consumers with high demands on quality. And they all share a genuine interest in great beer.

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